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1 真道初階_(亞伯拉罕.海倫堡)
A Specimen of Divine Truth by Abraham Hellenbroek

2 歷代教會信條精選_(趙中輝譯)
Ecumenical Creeds and Reformed Confessoins and Catechisms
Translated by: (Charles Chao)

3 基督教與世界宗教_(魏司道)
A Christian Introduction to Religion by G. Vos

4 我們的合理信仰_(巴文克)
Our Reasonable Faith by Herman Bavinck

5 我為什麽信神_(范泰爾)
Why I believe in God by Cornelius Van Till

6 傳到地極_(趙中輝)
His Word Has Gone Out by Charles Chao